Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 1 - first call

Well folks, I took my first call tonight and can almost not stop laughing about it. I'm open minded, and it wasn't like the call was completely out there, but a few times I almost laughed out loud. I get the call, he says, "Hi, I like it up the ass." I tell you what, I was prepared for so many things, but when he said that, I didn't know if he meant he liked it up the ass or if he liked GIVING it. So I sat there having NO idea what to say. He knew it, I knew it, and he hung up. I glanced at my pay scale and noted in my log that I had just made 7 cents and burst out laughing.
When I signed up I was thinking, no big deal, I will have no problem weaving tales, but I can't get caught off guard. I almost don't care about the money anymore, I can barely wait to write in my blog. Maybe that will help me through the next one.


Day 1

Today I venture in to the uncharted territory of becoming a "phone actress." I needed some quick employment and the hour flexibility, so I hoped to find a 'work from home' type of opportunity. Being a phone actress was the first legitimate thing that found it's way to my desk top, so I thought I'd give it a try.
I've got everything set up, and made my greetings which are supposed to entire horny men to choose me to talk to over every other girl. To be honest with you all, I find the idea of getting off over the phone AND paying for it so ridiculous that I am almost curious about taking my first call. I hope I don't laugh..
The company I now work for, says to make up a name different from your own, only a first name. They urge you to choose realistic names instead of asking to be called say, Bubbles or Porche. After getting those stupid names in to my head I had difficulty choosing my name. When I finally randomly chose, "Lucy," I had the Beatles song stuck in my head all day.
When I called in to log in for the first time and set my greeting and away message, I was amused to hear that I already had a default message set for me. Until I had conceived the idea of Lucy, my clients were to know me as Tyra. I thought about keeping it, because the generic message was so sexy, and I thought I couldn't possibly top it.
I didn't know what to say, so I wrote down a small script for my greeting. I wondered what I would actually sound like, and was intrigued to hear it before electing to keep it or delete it to try again. I thought I'd laugh at things like, "clef" And rhyming suck with fuck.. but I made it through.
I'll log in tonight after my husband and child go to sleep and see how this works out.
If all else fails, the company I am now employed with also offers a psychic phone line.